Innovative products to better manage asthma.

iSonea develops and manufactures devices and software based on its core technology of Acoustic Respiratory Monitoring (ARM™). Our products address a range of asthma monitoring and care needs for users at home, on the go, or in a medical setting.

iSonea is a leader in the development of products and solutions that help improve asthma management. Our proprietary technology is focused on assessing the changing level of asthma control through the use of Acoustic Respiratory Monitoring™, or ARM.

Using iSonea’s Acoustic Respiratory Monitoring technology, adults and children with asthma can measure their WheezeRATE™, or the percentage of breathing time a person spends wheezing, as a result of their airways narrowing.

ARM provides an objective measurement of wheezing — a primary symptom of asthma. When used over time, ARM can give you a better understanding of how triggers such as pollen, pets, activity or anxiety may affect you. It can let you know if your WheezeRATE is increasing, decreasing, or staying the same. It can also be used to measure the response of wheezing symptoms to medication use.

Frequent and regular monitoring of breathing symptoms in real-life settings provides information that you, your family, or your doctor can use to help you stick to your treatment plan.

Health authorities universally agree effective tools to improve patient self-management of chronic diseases are critically important.




iSonea’s flagship device, AirSonea is designed to work with smartphones and the AirSonea asthma management app to provide a service to record wheezeRATE results, track triggers, symptoms and medication, thus providing a tool to encourage better adherence to asthma management plans. AirSonea data is stored in the cloud for easy sharing with healthcare professionals via email, eliminating guesswork, increasing knowledge of how asthma affects the individual and helping people manage their asthma worries.



The Wheezometer® was the first device from iSonea to make asthma monitoring portable and non-intrusive. Placed at the base of the throat, the Wheezometer® can be used for a “spot check” wheeze measurement at home or in a remote location, and requires no effort on the part of the patient to use.
Its design facilitates the correct placement in contact with the trachea and provides stable contact with the skin for the duration of use.



WHolter® is the first ambulatory 24-hour recorder to provide objective and quantitative information about wheezing and coughing for patients with nocturnal asthma, COPD, occupational asthma, chronic cough or allergies.




PulmoTrack® is used in a doctor’s office to precisely measure wheeze rate. It uses two acoustic sensors attached to the user’s skin at the trachea and chest — a pneumograph belt sensor for documenting breathing activity and an ambient microphone to filter environmental noises.
Wheeze detection is carried out by patented software using advanced algorithms that apply strict criteria to determine the presence of wheezing.

It can be used for:

  • Bronchodilatation Test to measurement of response to treatment.
  • Bronchoprovocation Test, particularly for infants or other non-cooperative patients.
  • Performance of physical examination in a pulmonary function testing environment to identify and quantify the presence of wheezing.

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